White Flowers For Winter Weddings

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Winter white is always so elegant and stylish. When you are a bride, it makes perfect sense to use white flowers at any time of the year, and this is also true in the winter months. Whether you are planning a Winter Wonderland theme wedding, or a more classic all-white celebration, it will be made gorgeous by using these white flowers for winter weddings.

The funny thing about winter flowers is that many of the most classic blossoms are actually tropical. The tropical blossoms tend to be showy and dramatic; in other words, absolutely divine for a wedding! For a Christmas wedding, creamy white poinsettias would be perfect flowers for the altar, the entrance to the reception, and on buffet tables. Potted white poinsettias will give you a lot more bang for the buck than arrangements of cut flowers, especially because each blossom is so huge. A really nice thing about using potted flowers is that you can donate them after the wedding. Your church would probably be happy to keep the white poinsettias as part of their Christmas decorations, and the ones from the reception can be delivered to a nursing home or hospital to bring a bit of holiday cheer to the residents.

Amaryllis and lilies are some other marvelous choices for big showy winter white flowers. They would make spectacular bouquets for the bride in a formal cathedral wedding. Picture a bouquet of showy amaryllis dripping with strands of crystals to complement a beaded ballgown and crystal bridal jewelry. Or if you want something striking but more sleek, carry a large presentation bouquet (an arm bouquet) of elegant white or ivory calla lilies tied with a wide satin ribbon. Pair it with a vintage inspired silk charmeuse gown, dangling crystal bridal jewelry, and a white fur shrug for a look that has all the glamor of a 1930s Hollywood film star.

Brides who like very romantic flowers will adore white camellias. The round blossoms with multiple layers of petals are elegant and just a little bit different than what most brides carry. Fashionistas will love them because they were the signature flower of none other than Coco Chanel! The roundness of camellias makes them a natural choice for round bouquets, whether your style runs more to a nosegay or a slightly shaped crescent bouquet. They have a bit of the appearance of a peony, which makes camellias a nice option for winter brides who like the look of that spring wedding favorite. Tie a camellia bouquet with a velvet ribbon to give it a more wintery look.

 Tiny white jasmine flowers are another wonderful white winter wedding decoration. Though dainty, they are powerfully fragrant; jasmine is often a key note in perfume. The little star shaped blossoms lend themselves beautifully to a winter wedding design. Because they are petite, use them in combination with other floral elements, such as white roses and green pine bough garlands. The heavenly scent will add the often-overlooked element of fragrance to your wedding.

Then of course, there are the white flowers which are cultivated year round. Classic white roses, exotic orchids, and stephanotis are always available. Mounds of pure-white baby's breath in tall urns could look like drifts of pure white snow on the altar, or round white balls of carnations could add a cool modern, minimalist style to a winter wedding. Without a doubt, there are some truly stunning flowers available to winter brides!

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The best part of decoration in San Diego Wedding venues on my wedding day is that we have hired a d├ęcor who is going to decorate it with white and red color theme. I am sure nothing can look much better then flower decoration.

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